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The 2016 IoT hackday was so much fun! To give you an idea of what a hackday is and how it is structured I outlined The Team Random 2016 Hackday.

Enjoy! Chris


8:00 AM - Meet new team members

Team Random was put together so anyone who came to IoT Hackday would have a team to join. Most of us met for the first time today.

We started from scratch.

No plan.

No idea.

8:10 AM - Brainstorm Ideas and plan an MVP (minimum viable project)

After coffee and breakfast (Yum, I love muffins for breakfast) we worked together to plan our project. We settled on bell training puppies.

9:00 AM - Each team pitches their idea

All the teams gave a 2 minute summary of what they planned to create today. This was the first time we presented our idea to the event.

11:21 AM - MVP complete!

Wow! We finished our MVP before lunchtime. I am so excited by our progress. We have an amazingly talented team.

11:30 AM - Eat Lunch

Delicious lunch! I went back for seconds (maybe thirds :-)

12:30 PM - Go for a walk

Even during an intensely focused hackathon we took time to take care of our minds and bodies. It is so important to prevent burnout.

12:51 PM - Expand our project scope

We finished our MVP and now we expand our scope. The unique abilities of each team member shined here. I love watching everyone working in their flow.

2:15 PM - Help Out Another Team

We are all hacking together. Always glad to help out another team.

3:15 PM - Add light indicator

The light indicator for behind the entertainment center is complete.

5:00 PM - Add mobile app

Yeah! A branded mobile app built custom for our project.

7:45 PM - Add fan indicator

Solving edge case problems with this addition. The creativity of our team is inspiring.

8:00 PM - Present our project

Show time! This is my favorite part. We presented our project to the friends and family that came to vote and support the event.

9:30 PM - Winners announced

Amazing projects were completed today. We didn’t win a prize today. We did accomplish more than any of us at first thought possible. I’m so proud of Team Random.

Chris Larson

September is my birthday month. This year I'm doing something special for myself. I'm giving my future 40 year old self a birthday present.

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