Craigslist Powermatic Table Saw

Purchased my first table saw. When I left Minnesota the table saw stayed in my dad's garage, it is his after all. After three months of living in an old house I reached the breaking point and started searching for table saws on craigslist. Many of the saws listed were cheap aluminium contractor saws. The contractor saw is great for trimming siding and fences, but can't keep an edge straight enough for furniture. I need a solid table saw, but at the same time I can't justify spending the five thousand or more dollars required for a furniture grade saw. The compromise I found is an old artisan saw from Powermatic, a model 63. My dad has the model 64 and I built the kitchen cabinets in his house with it. Its cast iron, heavy and runs on 110 volts 20 amps, which is the most power I can reliably supply without rewiring. (since I am renting, rewiring isn't an option.) The other nice feature is that unlike the contractor saws it has a wide table top that will support a full sheet of plywood, and allow for wide panel cuts. I knew exactly what I was purchasing when I contacted the seller on craigslist, so I did not hesitate. It is a heavy cast iron saw that spins true. Honestly, if the blade had wobbled a little I still would have purchased it and replaced the main bearings and shafts. The value of a saw like this is in the square iron frame. Once I clean up the rust spots on the table top and make sure all the moving parts are clean and lubricated this saw will cut true for a long time.