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Welcome! and thank you for visiting my little home on the web. I would love to tell you more about my journeys in tech and running. I mostly write about what I learn from running long distances and building large scale web applications. I also enjoy reading your email responses.

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Thirty days is a short, long time. Huge goals can be accomplished in 30 days. Tough commitments can be held for 30 days. It is the perfect length of time to stretch myself and achieve my goals.

I used to believe that limitations would restrict my talents. Now I know that limitations let my creativity shine. A limit of 30 days give boundaries to my dreams. The 30 day framework helps me focus on small tasks that I can complete.

In one year I will complete 12 challenges. That’s a lot of progress. I don’t think I have ever completed 12 big goals in a year before. I have not planned and tracked that many goals before.

Most people overestimate what they can do in one year and underestimate what they can do in ten years.” —Bill Gates

In ten years I will complete 120 goals. Wow! That is a lot of progress and all I need to do is take it 30 days at a time.

Steady, consistent commitments, 30 days at a time.

September 2016

- 30 Days of Running

October 2016

- 30 Days of Writing

November 2016

- 30 Days of Gratitude

- 30 Days of JavaScript

December 2016

- 30 Days of Industrial Internet of Things

January 2017

- 30 Days of Rest

February 2017

- 30 More Days of Rest

March 2017

- 30 Days of AWS Lambda

April 2017

- 30 Days of Marathon Training

May 2017

- 30 Days of Reading

June 2017

- 30 Days of Fear

July 2017

- 30 Days of Habits