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Why do I run knowing I will never be the fastest?

It is a silly question, but one I must answer. If I’m not going to be the best, why do it at all?

This question hits me hard when I’m being passed on the trail. Ego yells at me, “Run! Run faster!”

I believe this is a response developed in the human mind through thousands of years of survival. Being faster than threats and faster than competition was the only way to survive. In modern society, this response is a leftover annoyance I need to recognize and carefully address.

I have one goal. I run so I will be a fit dad. In 10 years my sons will start to surpass me in speed and agility. It is important to me that I am able to challenge them in sports and teach through my example of daily routines.

I run so I am my best self. I run so I am 1% better today than I was yesterday. I race against my past. I strive for personal records. There is an upper limit for me. My goal is to find my limit.

I run because I enjoy life. I enjoy the strength and rhythm found in running.