2016-10-16 20:39:00 -0500 -

Running to know what it takes. There is this myth that we can be good at anything.

Well, not true.

The myth is that I just need to spend 10,000 hours in good practice then I will be good at it. The issue is that hardly anyone is capable of committing to do the practice. I used to tell myself that I could have a flat stomach and defined ab muscles, but I’m just not doing that now.

The truth is committing to practice is the simplest and most difficult step in becoming good. Running is teaching me that commitment to practice is tough. I love running. I still need to find motivation to go running when I’m tired or the conditions aren’t right.

Running is training my mental toughness. I’m learning what it takes to develop the skills to become 10,000 hours good at something.