2016-10-20 11:32:00 -0500 -

Running to be Better at Everything Else

My running habit is creating positive ripples throughout my life and talents. Running is building my base confidence. I know my body and mind are ready to perform at their best. I know my best is ready to be better.

Running is focusing my person. I’m getting clarity on who I am and who I am not. I’m a runner. I will enure. I will see this task to completion. I will not give up because it is uncomfortable, boring or tedious.

The beautiful thing about running is that I’m learning in a low risk environment. I’m learning how hard I can focus. I’m learning how much I can endure. (More, I can always endure more.)

I’m learning that lack of sleep is not an excuse. The end of a long run is no different than the beginning of a run after a sleepless night. I know I can succeed. I don’t wait for the situation to be right.

I run.