2016-10-22 23:45:00 -0500 -

I run to discover my limit. Running is a low risk venue for testing and expanding. There are only a few variables to change, speed and distance. The consequences of failure are low, I run a little slower than I thought I could.

The lessons learned from running are valuable to all pieces of my life. My running limits teach me how to test and expand my reading or coding limits. The process is the same. I push each variable to its limits.

Run further than I ever have.

Run faster than I ever have.

Running gives me the confidence to test and expand my limits. I know that after 2 weeks of running hard I will not see improvement. Improvement happens on week 5 or week 7. I face the dip with confidence that my stalled improvements are just that, stalled. Soon I will improve simply because I continued.