2016-10-28 10:37:00 -0500 -

My journey from lazy to walking to running has trained me to tackle all areas of my life that can be improved. I started with a simple goal, 10,000 steps/day and have journeyed to running 5 Kilometers consistently.

When I started I wasn’t thinking about running. I was only thinking about walking more. It was a small goal. It was a simple achievable goal. I only had to make a small change to my daily schedule.

Overtime I realized I was meeting my walking goal. I increased my walking goal to 15,000 steps. Another small increment. Little by little my body became stronger. Little by little I was unknowingly preparing myself for running.

When the weather was warm and the runners were out on my walking trail I knew it was my time. I would start running. I had prepared my body for several months before I went for my first jog. Slow and steady. I built my healthy habit brick by brick over a long time.

Now I’m a runner. I run for fun. I run for a challenge. I run to think. I run to relax. I run to push limits. I run to be a better me.

The simple process of slow and steady improvement works. I’m improving 1% every day. I know it works because it worked with running. I do not fear the ‘dip’. I know that on the other side of the Dip is success and a better me. I do not power through the dip. I do not endure the dip. I simply traverse the dip knowing success waits for me on the other side.