Building native HTML and JavaScript apps for Android can be done with Apache Cordova on Ubuntu.

  • Download the Android SDK from
  • Unzip the Android SDK and place the contents of the ‘sdk’ folder in ~/Development/adt-bundle/sdk
  • Add the SDK to your path
    • PATH=$PATH:~/Development/adt-bundle/sdk/platform-tools:~/Development/adt-bundle/sdk/tools
    • To permanently add the Android SDK to your Ubuntu path follow this article
  • install Apache Cordova with npm npm install -g cordova (Install nodejs if you don’t have it.)
    • cd to your Documents directory and create a helloWorld folder, then cd into that folder
    • cd ~/Documents
    • mkdir helloWorld
    • cd helloWorld
  • Create a Cordova app and cd to the new folder
    • cordova create hello com.example.hello "Hello World"
    • cd hello/
  • Add Android as a cordova platform
    • cordova platform add android
  • Create an Andorid emulator
    • android create avd -n hello -t 1
  • Run the cordova app on the emulator
    • cordova emulate android
  • Build your web app and place it in the www folder, making sure to include config.xml and cordova.js

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