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Welcome! and thank you for visiting my little home on the web. I would love to tell you more about my journeys in tech and running. I mostly write about what I learn from running long distances and building large scale web applications. I also enjoy reading your email responses.

Thank you, Chris

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IIoT is easy after the marketing fantasies are cleared out of the way. Poor marketers get a lot of heat from… well everyone. This is especially true with IIoT where the topic is easily abused to get eyeballs to read a new website. In the process the core value of IIoT has been muddled.

The core of IIoT is simply to make factories better. The fantasies about artificial intelligence and machine learning are a small piece of the IIoT pie. These fancy technologies are not needed for a factory to realize immediate gains. The core connectivity of IIoT will immediately benefit every factory.

The core of IIoT is simple and immediately valuable.

Chris Larson

I fell in love with running after I committed to running a 5k everyday during the month of September. Now I'm training for my first Marathon on October 1st, 2017.

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