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Welcome! and thank you for visiting my little home on the web. I would love to tell you more about my journeys in tech and running. I mostly write about what I learn from running long distances and building large scale web applications. I also enjoy reading your email responses.

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Today’s motivation:


At the end of my run today I took inventory of my pain points. I imagine myself to be a sphere balancing on a wire. Any pain points will cause me to topple.

While checking my balance I noticed that my right foot was feeling tension. Turns out I had been curling my toes for the past 20 days of running. That explains the blisters on that foot.

I released the tension and straightened my toes. It felt strange to let go. I immediately noticed my balance improve. After 20 days of running I’m only beginning to learn the art of running.

Running is going to be a lifelong habit.

Chris Larson

I fell in love with running after I committed to running a 5k everyday during the month of September. Now I'm training for my first Marathon on October 1st, 2017.

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