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Welcome! and thank you for visiting my little home on the web. I would love to tell you more about my journeys in tech and running. I mostly write about what I learn from running long distances and building large scale web applications. I also enjoy reading your email responses.

Thank you, Chris

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I started running and dieting so that I’d have the strength and stamina to challenge my sons in athletics. I want to be the fittest 40 year old. I am amazed at how quickly I’ve come to enjoy the daily exercises.

The health boost of running is amazing. I can spend an entire day carrying a 40 pound toddler around the zoo, then around the Mall of America and still have energy to play in the backyard when we get home.

I look forward to my interval training and my long runs. I know the stress strengthens my body and toughens my mind. I’m glad I started my running habit. I’m more excited about where my running feet will take me.

Chris Larson

I fell in love with running after I committed to running a 5k everyday during the month of September. Now I'm training for my first Marathon on October 1st, 2017.

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