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The 2016 IoT hackday was so much fun! To give you an idea of what a hackday is and how it is structured I outlined The Team Random 2016 Hackday.

Enjoy! Chris


8:00 AM - Meet new team members

Team Random was put together so anyone who came to IoT Hackday would have a team to join. Most of us met for the first time today.

We started from scratch.

No plan.

No idea.

8:10 AM - Brainstorm Ideas and plan an MVP (minimum viable project)

After coffee and breakfast (Yum, I love muffins for breakfast) we worked together to plan our project. We settled on bell training puppies.

9:00 AM - Each team pitches their idea

All the teams gave a 2 minute summary of what they planned to create today. This was the first time we presented our idea to the event.

11:21 AM - MVP complete!

Wow! We finished our MVP before lunchtime. I am so excited by our progress. We have an amazingly talented team.

11:30 AM - Eat Lunch

Delicious lunch! I went back for seconds (maybe thirds :-)

12:30 PM - Go for a walk

Even during an intensely focused hackathon we took time to take care of our minds and bodies. It is so important to prevent burnout.

12:51 PM - Expand our project scope

We finished our MVP and now we expand our scope. The unique abilities of each team member shined here. I love watching everyone working in their flow.

2:15 PM - Help Out Another Team

We are all hacking together. Always glad to help out another team.

3:15 PM - Add light indicator

The light indicator for behind the entertainment center is complete.

5:00 PM - Add mobile app

Yeah! A branded mobile app built custom for our project.

7:45 PM - Add fan indicator

Solving edge case problems with this addition. The creativity of our team is inspiring.

8:00 PM - Present our project

Show time! This is my favorite part. We presented our project to the friends and family that came to vote and support the event.

9:30 PM - Winners announced

Amazing projects were completed today. We didn’t win a prize today. We did accomplish more than any of us at first thought possible. I’m so proud of Team Random.

Chris Larson

I fell in love with running after I committed to running a 5k everyday during the month of September. Now I'm training for my first Marathon on October 1st, 2017.

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